Indoor/outdoor patio, mirrored timber screens & planters

Very exciting to be able to share our biggest project yet! Raj green/kandla grey dual blend patio, achieving indoor/outdoor flow. Two timber screens & three planters containing black bamboo, violet cordylines and Elijah-blue plants.

Italian Porcelain Patio Installation

We installed porcelain plank paving, made in Italy, and provided by the one and only Sandstone Supplies UK. We edge that using argent paver edging.

commercial project: granite plank path, screen & black ice

Project wrap up on our first commercial project! Light and dark granite plank pathway, timber screen & black ice pebbles.

Tuda Grass Monaco artificial turf install guide

Full step-by-step install guide for Tuda Grass (aka Cheap Grass) artificial turf. 

Indian sandstone, mirrored planters & decorative pebbles

Raj green Indian sandstone patio and path, supplied by Sandstone Supplies UK. Two mirrored raised planters, decorative oyster pebbles, and blue engineering brick edging detail.